Anjula Devi

Authentic Indian Cookingvada

My name is Anjula Devi, I run my own Indian catering company and provide private lessons in Indian cookery.  I also sell my own range of food products under the ‘Route 207’ brand.

​I was raised in Southall in the early 1970s and my father was my food inspiration.   At that time Indian ingredients were not as readily available as they are now and I remember travelling on the number 207 bus with my father to Shepherd’s Bush Market where we were able to buy a selection of spices, fresh fish and Indian vegetables.​​

I loved coming home with all these ingredients, intrigued and excited about what I was going to be taught. My father believed in simple food – healthy and wholesome Indian cooking which he had been taught himself by his own father in Kenya, using the fresh vegetables that they picked from their farm.

My mission is to pass on this wealth of accumulated knowledge along with some of my own special recipes and creations and to promote authentic Indian food with the use of fresh produce and balanced spices to create wonderful, delicious and nutritious meals. ​


3 thoughts on “Anjula Devi

  1. Hi Anjula, Do you have any dietary suggestions to help with cancer? Has your book been released yet? Regards Chris Lewis

    1. Hi Christopher, thanks very much for your message, turmeric contains many health benefits, but please do take advice from your Doctor before you embark on taking turmeric in any form. let me know how you get on. There are great write ups on turmeric so please do some research before you visit your doctor.

      1. Hi Anjula, Thank you for that. Yes I have been taking turmeric capsules and adding it to food for the last few months. i understand, as you say in your blog, that there are many health benefits to adding all sorts of spices to food and have been reading up as much as I can find about their various benefits. When is your book due to be launched? Take care Chris

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