Just Do it – Be Original – Be Brave – Be Bold 

Just do it. Be originally bold. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by anyone. Most of all don’t follow the crowd, unless the fire alarm goes off! 

We live in a world of reality TV, competition can be fierce, but that shouldn’t stop any of us from trying to shine. My Dad used to say “Anjula, talent will see the light of day”.

Appreciate that really knowing your strengths and sticking to your cherished core values are crucial enablers for success. It can be a little difficult to get recognised for your talent, especially if many people ‘do what you do’. 

When people compliment you accept the praise, say ‘Thank You’, it sends a clear message that you’re unassuming, humble and grateful.

There will be people who can’t accept that you do what’s right for you and your business. Competing with yourself is your only competition; concentrate on your delivery and forget what anyone else is doing.
There is only one you! Others don’t have your ideas or your skills, just like you don’t have theirs.

In any walk of life, by working on your natural strengths and talents you’ll feel energised. Love doing what you do. Never seeing your tasks as chores and rarely viewing your days as ‘work’ is priceless

Believing that we have ability and have something unique or valuable to deliver is often what drives us to reach our goals. Pass on the encouragement to others who you meet to believe in themselves. 
When someone tells you that ‘you’re one of a kind’, accept the compliment and use this to spur you on.

We certainly don’t need to have fame or celebrity to stand out from the crowd. Build your business on trust, integrity and good communication. Build a network of people who you can trust. Most importantly, listen carefully to the precious insight and feedback that others give.

It may take you a little longer to get where you want to be, but knowing that you’ve achieved something through hard work and on your own merit – well that in itself is a real success story.

Perhaps you can take a little inspiration that I was the girl next door who has just published her second  book, Spice for Life. Practising and perfecting and trusting a small network of friends & family to fulfil the promise I made to my Dad to get our recipes out to as many people as possible. There were those who said that we couldn’t, but we trusted our judgement and knowledge …. and deep-down we always believed that we could!

We are unstopple because we keep our heads down and are driven to close a near perfect gap – never money motivated – just competing with ourselves to be the best that we can be.

Have the dignity and faith to live life on your own terms. When something isn’t right change it. 

Anjula Devi


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