For all catering enquiries you can contact me directly at discuss menu options or prices you can also get in touch by phone on 0844 567 3384.

Indian BBQ Catering bbq

I have always loved cooking BBQ’s for my family and friends in London. Making their favourite foods, sitting outside, laughing and eating great food in the summer sun (when we have it) is one of the things I love most.

I now cook Indian BBQs for lots of other people. Many people are now looking to host a BBQ with a difference. Instead of burgers and sausages, plenty of Indian lamb chops with pickling spices, spicy Bombay potatoes and a whole spatchcocked chicken, marinated in my chicken tikka recipe.

I also provide authentic vegetarian Indian BBQ’s, and a range of incredible marinated Indian fish recipes designed for the BBQ.

If you want me to cook an Indian BBQ for any number of guests, working with you on a variety of Indian BBQ recipes to keep parents and children happy, please get in touch.  I can’t promise you summer sunshine, but I will provide great authentic Indian BBQ food.

Event CateringCKSpdulWEAQ1tya

Each of our authentic Indian catering events is different and everyone has their own ideas and needs so we like to consult with clients on the exact design of each event.

At Anjula Devi, we pride ourselves on really listening to your catering needs. Our promise to you is that we will make time to sit down with you, and really understand what you want from your catering event. This remains true whether it is a small intimate dinner party, or an event for 100 guests.

You can choose to have a sit down meal or a buffet style event.  We can also provide authentic Indian canapés.

If you are looking for inspiration, we have plenty of creative, authentic menu suggestions to help you build the right menu for your event.  We are more than happy for you to try our samples first.  Our prices vary depending on your specific requirements.  Please just get in touch and we will provide you with a customised quote.

Indian Weddingswedding

We provide authentic Indian catering for weddings of up to sixty people. More and more people are looking for alternative wedding menu ideas to help make their special day as memorable as possible.

Our approach at Anjula Devi is to work very closely with you. We understand that every wedding is a very personal and intimate occasion. We have plenty of wedding menu and banquet ideas if that helps and we never forget that the menu needs to be tailored to fit with the rest of your wedding day.

We always carefully work with you to design an Indian wedding menu that you feel great about.  Our authentic Indian wedding menus and banquets are always fresh, healthy and vibrant.

Indian Dinner PartiesCJKrM8lWIAASgrz

Why not try something fresh and new by hosting an Indian dinner party? Your dinner party can be prepared and brought to your home or if you prefer it can be prepared and cooked in your home directly before the dinner party.

We are based in West London.

I started preparing dinner parties when someone at my former place of work asked if I knew a good Indian restaurant. I replied “yes, me”! They were intrigued. A few days later the same colleague said to me in the staff canteen, “go on then, tell me what you would cook for my dinner party?” I replied “chicken curry with cauliflower, homemade paneer samosas, chickpea & cumin rice”.

That’s how it all began. I started to bring my dishes into work; samosas, tandoori chicken, and stuffed paratha. Before I knew it, everyone wanted me to cook for them!

I now cater for dinner parties of up to sixty people. I love designing the menus with the host in order to make it a special and unique meal. I also love hearing the post dinner party feedback on the food!

If you want a unique dinner party occasion, we have a range of our own Indian canapes that you can also choose from. We can help you to design a special menu to suit you and your guests or we can suggest an extensive range of options for main dishes, different daals, Indian vegetables, breads, rice etc.


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